A Day In The Life Of A Business Owner…

Back in 2013 I started my own Hair & Beauty business. It’s been a crazy journey with so much to learn, but four years on and I’m still absolutely loving it! Therefore I wanted to take you behind the scenes and share why running a business is a world far away from lazy days, long lunches and why I wouldn’t swap it for anything…


My day often begins around 6.00am when the alarm goes off and after the initial feeling of being way to cosy under the duvet to move, I get up and head straight to the pool for 6.30am and start my morning swim. (I’ll be completely honest, there are days that this is harder than others, like when you have to scrape the ice off the car first or it’s raining) However, this is my chance to switch off from everything for a while and really set myself up for the day.

I get home around 7.45am and depending on what my day has in store, I’ll either be getting ready to head back out the door to work with clients or I will be sitting at my desk planning what I need to get done by the end of the day. One of the many things I enjoy about running my own business is that no day is ever the same.

My first job this morning is catch up on some emails followed by writing a feature for Sienna X to use in their latest newsletter. I absolutely love doing things like this and feel really lucky to have the opportunity. (You can catch up on my latest press features here.)

I’ll then try and break for lunch (this doesn’t always happen) there are many occasions when I get so engrossed in what I’m doing, I’ll look up from my work to find it’s gone 2.00pm!

Untitled design-3


This afternoon I need to do some work on my website, create some social media posts for Facebook and Instagram, place some orders with Wella and Sienna X, create my newsletter and then get my tanning kit ready for tonight… Days like this really light me up and make my heart sing… I love being busy!


Tonight I have a tanning party and there is just enough time for me to grab a bite to eat before I need to leave. Tanning parties are always so much fun! What could be better than a night in with your girls, a bottle of Prosecco, a few nibbles and a spray tan? Ooo that reminds me, I need to create the goody bags too! 

It’s now just coming up to 6.45pm and with my tanning kit all packed in the car, I’m all ready to go…

It’s 9.00pm and I’ve just got home. I had a great evening at the party, they were such a lovely group. Time for a glass of wine I think and half an hours relaxation before heading to bed.

Someone asked me recently, “If you were to win the lottery, would you still do what you do?” Without a shadow of a doubt I would! I cannot tell you how much I love what I do. Making busy women like you reading this right now, feel beautiful and giving them back some well deserved “me-time” is one of the best feelings in the world. I may have long days but they are all so worth it and I wouldn’t go back to the 9-5 for anything!

Until next time, go and chase your dreams and love what you do!


Nina x

May Blog: Why I LOVE What I Do…

Why I Love What I Do

It’s no secret that I LOVE what I do, therefore I thought I would share exactly why I love my job. Why running my own business is a world away from lie in’s, long lunches and days off and why I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Making People Feel Special…

This is one of the many things I love most, working one to one with my clients and giving them back some well deserved “me-time”. My husband said to me a few weeks ago; “I think it’s pretty special what you do” I was of course very touched by his kind words, but then asked what made him say that? He replied; “You have the ability to change not just how someone looks, but how they feel about themselves. You have the power to change someone’s whole day and I just think that must be an amazing feeling” I of course had never thought about it quite like this, but I can honestly say, that it is the best feeling in the world.


I really enjoy the fact that to a certain degree, I can work where and when I want to. Now of course, my clients come first and their needs must be met. However, if I choose to finish work on a Saturday at 4.00pm because I am going out for the evening, I can do that. The same way that if I’m doing make-up for a Bride on her Wedding Day, I could potentially be at a venue at 7.00am in the morning and then continue working with other clients that day until 5.00pm.


I love the variety that my job brings, no day is ever the same. Some days I can be with clients all day, other days I can be having an office day and writing blogs like this one, creating content for my website or having meetings with suppliers. I also love the fact that my location can change, sometimes I’ll be working from home, the next day I might be pampering employees in a corporate environment. I really enjoy the fact that every day is different!

If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life


I love being creative, whether that’s with my clients hair and nails or writing content for my website. I love to write and have recently been asked to write a feature for a Professional Hair & Beauty magazine! I enjoy helping people by giving them inspiration, tips, tricks and ideas. If you are in need of inspiration regarding your hair or nails, or pretty much anything else, my favourite tool is Pinterest; however I have to warn you, it’s very addictive!


From when I first started hairdressing, I have always loved to learn and this is still true of me today. The hair and beauty industry is constantly evolving which always really inspires me. I love nothing more than working hard so that I can afford to attend the very best training courses and seminars available.

More Than Meets The Eye…

I am the first one to say that I’m extremely lucky to be doing a job that I fall in love with each and every day! However, people often say to me “You are so lucky you work for yourself, you can do what you want” It always makes me smile, because there is so much more that people don’t see. All the hours that go into it behind the scenes, when I am not working with my lovely clients, I am working on my business. Nothing in my business is outsourced; I don’t have a copy writer who writes my blogs and creates my content. I don’t have a person who updates my website or who looks after my social media and marketing. I do it all! Now please don’t get me wrong, I’m far from moaning that “little old me” is doing everything, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

A friend of mine recently sent me an article, the title; Confessions of a Hairdresser. I couldn’t help but smile whilst reading it and wanted to share some of my personal favourtites; “Hairdressers rarely, if ever, get to finish a hot cup of coffee”. “The Black Sharpie Marker means something completely different to us and often gets used to remove the orange-bleach stains from our work clothes.” “Hairdressers are very protective over their scissors” I can definately relate to all of these! More often than not, I’ll work six days a week and probably three or four evenings, but would I swap it all to go back to Monday to Friday, 9-5? Never in a millions years and why? Because I am happy and most of all because I LOVE what I do!

Love, Nina x

March Blog: Why I Love Spray Tanning (And Know You Will To!)


I have to admit before I became a Spray Tan Therapist, I was never much of a self-tan girl. I would never have dreamed of sitting at home with a bottle of faux tan, pair of gloves and applying it myself. However, a spray tan was completely different and having had a few in the past, I loved how they made me feel; slimmer, more toned and so much more confident… This is where my tanning journey begins…

Three years ago when launching my business, I had a very clear vision. That vision was be able to help busy women look and feel amazing, all at a time and place that suited them. A friend of mine had been using Sienna X and was really impressed by it; therefore I wanted to find out more.

In February 2013, I visited Professional Beauty, London (which is a huge Beauty exhibition that completely fills every square inch of the Excel Centre) within an hour of talking to a lovely lady from Sienna X, my kit had been purchased and my training day was booked! From day one of picking up that spray tan gun, I have loved every minute of it. I loved it so much; I have recently completed my Level 3 Masterclass, the highest level within Sienna X and am now a Master Professional.

During my Masterclass, I not only had the pleasure to meet, but be trained by the master and my tanning guru, James Harknett. James is one of the nicest and most down to earth people I have ever met. His career started within the tanning industry 16 years ago when he joined the iconic brand, St Tropez. Within that time he has become a tanning expert and is now the ambassador for Sienna X as well as being named the “Tom Ford of Tanning” by InStyle magazine. James shares his time between visiting clients at their homes in London and residing at the amazing W Hotel, Leicester Square and has also just launched in the same Hotel in New York!

James and I having a selfie

James is no stranger to famous faces and has tanned many celebrities including; Denise Van Outen, Emma Willis and even Kylie Minougue. That aside, James clearly loves nothing more than meeting the public and giving them the best tan he can… James and I may share different worlds, but one thing is for sure, we have a love for tanning and a real passion for making people feel amazing! You can read more on James’ story here; http://www.jamesharknett.co.uk/home/

Spray Tanning has come such a long way since it first hit the market; but there is still a real misconception that it will leave you “Orange” which is simply not true! Choosing the correct solution for the client’s skin tone and the way in which it’s applied, is of course is key to the end result. But this is why I love working with Sienna X, there products are outstanding, enabling me to really create a bespoke tan for each and every client. Being a Spray Tan Therapist, for me is all about being able to help someone feel the best they can. It’s about making that person feel confident and special. It’s not just because their skin looks nourished and hydrated, or they look slimmer or more toned; (just a few benefits I had to mention!)

Nothing makes me happier, than seeing a client step into my spray tan cubicle; although this usually starts with them apologising for all they dislike about their body, to which my reply is always the same; “we all have things we don’t like, but trust me, I don’t see what you see, and to me it’s a blank canvas where I can create my magic.” When they step out, not only are they beautifully bronzed, they love how they feel to and this is why I love what I do. I am proud to be associated with Sienna X, their solutions and aftercare products are second to none and I count myself extremely lucky to have been trained by the industries best!

You can find out the other benefits to having a spray tan here; http://bebeautifulhairandbeauty.co.uk/tanning-faqs/10-benefits-of-a-spray-tan/)

I really hope this has inspired you to give spray tanning ago, once you do, you’ll never look back.

Love, Nina x