Take A Look Inside My Make Up Bag…

Make-up has always been a real passion of mine, in fact I think I’m a complete make-up addict! But for me, make-up isn’t about looking like someone you’re not, it’s about enhancing the person you are.

So with that in mind, I thought I would share exactly what’s in my make-up bag right now and the products I use each and every day.


At the moment I’m using Boots No7 Essenetially Natural in Cool Ivory. This is the first time I’ve used it and I’m really impressed with it. It gives a light to medium coverage and feels really lightweight on the skin. I’ve used many other foundations in the past which have sometimes felt quite cakey, but this one is really nice and definitely good for both day and evening looks.

Loose Powder….

Again this is Boots No7 and mine is in shade “Perfect Light”. In the past I’ve used pressed powders but I have to say, I really like this one. It’s nice and lightweight and is also hypo-allogenic so great for skin that can be a little sensitive.

Bronzer/ Highlighter…

I think I may have mentioned this before, but I really love Hoola and Dandelion by Benefit. Hoola is the Bronzer and Dandelion is the Highlighter. Both of these products work beautifully together. The bronzer has a matte finish, so by using Dandelion just on the cheekbones, gives you real definition. Both of these work really well for creating a dewy make-up look.

Lash Primer / Mascara…

It’s only been within the last year or so that I’ve started to use a lash primer but I really like it. Not only does it work well for those days where you want to wear minimal make-up but it also makes your Mascara last longer too. I highly recommend both the Lash Primer from Benefit and Boots No7, however for me, I’ve not found a Mascara I like more than “They’re Real” from Benefit.


It’s taken me ages to find the right Brow product after Gimme Brow by Benefit, my old favourite was recalled. My  brows are quite fair and so I like them to look defined, but not so defined that I look like I’ve been attacked by a Sharpie Pen. So if you are looking for the perfect product, let me introduce you to Goof Proof Brow Pencil by Benefit. I have it in shade 2 (I think there are six shades in total with 6 being the darkest). It’s absolutely amazing and if you treat yourself to one product, I would highly recommend this one!


If I’m choosing to wear a colour, I wouldn’t leave home without my Pro Longwear by MAC. I have it in shade “Overtime” but there are many shades to choose from in the range. The one thing I like the most is, it doesn’t feel sticky or tacky. Really nice to wear and lasts really well too!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s blog and taking a look inside my make up bag. Please note I am not an affiliate for any of the brands I’ve mentioned, I just love to use products that work! If you have any favourites of your own, then why not drop me a comment below or head over to my Facebook page, I would love to hear from you.


Nina x

June Blog: Summer Beauty Must-Haves

Summer Beauty Must Haves

With Summer just around the corner and holidays being planned, I thought I would share some of my beauty must haves with you.

When on holiday, I don’t know about you, but my hair just doesn’t behave in the same way that it does at home. Humidity, change in water and lower voltage of a hairdryer can all play their part. However my secret weapon… Salt spray! By using a salt spray, this really helps to give your hair volume and texture. It works really well for most hair lengths, and for those of you with mid to long hair, this product will really help create that “beach wave” look. Simply spray into towel dried hair, gently scrunch into mid-lengths and ends and leave to dry naturally.

I can’t leave home without my kirby grips. These are great to use when you want to get your hair off your face. For those with longer hair, a hair-up that’s really quick and easy is; tie hair back in to a ponytail. Then take small sections from the pony tail and wrap them over your finger, creating a barrel curl, place outside of the ponytail and secure into place with your grip and ta-dah you’re done!

A tinted moisturiser is perfect for holidays. It’s not as heavy as foundation, so can still let your skin breathe. Many of them also contain SPF, which makes them equally great for both day and evening.

Would you like to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter? If so, apply a nude eye pencil to the lower water line. This will really make your eyes stand out and give your evening look some extra va va voom!

Picture Credit- Wella, Sienna X and MAC Cosmetics

Try swapping your normal lippy for a lip gloss. If your skin is fair, opt for a light pink or peach hue. If you are a darker skin tone, apricot or rose tones will compliment your skin beautifully. A good quality bronzer is also a Summer essential. I really love the ones with a slight shimmer to them, rather than a matte finish. A light dusting over your cheek bones will really enhance your holiday glow.

We all know the dangers caused to our skin by UV rays. Therefore a high SPF sunscreen is essential when going on holiday. For those of you that would prefer to fake it, a beautiful spray tan before you go, will leave you feeling radiant and ready for total relaxation! If you’re not one for sitting in the sun or you want to top up your tan whilst you’re away, why not try Sienna X Express Tanning Mist. It’s easy to apply and requires no tanning mitt or gloves!

I hope this has been useful and given you some inspiration and ideas to try. If you would like more tips for getting beach ready, then simply click here to download my Beach Beauty Checklist. You can also find lots more tips and tricks over on my Facebook page or feel free to leave me a comment below.

Love, Nina x

November Blog: Make Up Must-Haves…

1 (2)

As the party season approaches, the office parties and other social events are too. Many of us have limited time to get ready and end up rushing around, racing home, jumping in the shower before the beautify-ing process begins.

Clients often ask “Which Make-Up products are best to use?” “How can I turn my daytime look into a sultry evening look with minimal effort?” “How can I ensure that my make up lasts?” So with this in mind, I thought I would share the products I use and love…


I really LOVE MAC Studio Fix Fluid. I use this on evenings out as well as for Bridal work. It gives great coverage and lasts all day and night too. Simply apply to face using fingers or a foundation brush, ensuring you work it up into hairline and just over jaw line to avoid a foundation line.


I couldn’t live without this, Prep & Prime Highlighter by MAC! This is definately a hero product, especially for tired looking eyes. If you have dark circles under your eyes, this will become your new BFF! It’s a pen style highlighter which is great because you can apply it with precision and can be used over make up to highlight and touch up or under make up to prime and brighten the skin.


I use MAC pigment in shade “Naked” to highlight brow bones and add a little sparkle to the inner corner of the eye. This can really help go from daytime looks to a gorgeous, yet natural evening look in seconds.

Eye Shadow…

Creating a smokey eye not only adds depth for an evening look but can also give the appearance of a larger eye. Just by adding a small triangle in to the outer corner underneath the crease of the eyelid, can really give your eyes some extra va va voom! I would maybe try using a darker shadow along with a lighter one and enjoy experimenting. Make-Up should be fun, so have fun trying out new things!

2 (2)

Gel Eyeliner…

I use Fluidline by MAC and the one in my kit is called “Black Track”, although there are other shades available. This is a really lovely product to work with and applies really smoothly when using a small eyeliner brush. The one thing I love about this product is, it stays where you put it. There are many gel liners on the market, but this is by far the best I have ever used, I know MAC products aren’t cheap, but they are worth the investment and they last longer too!

Loose Powder…

I really like Bare Minerals range of Loose Powders, they have great coverage and they gently absorb oil so helps minimise shine leaving you with a gorgeous finish.

Bronzing Powder…

The one I really like is called “Refinded Golden” by MAC. I’ve had this in my kit for absolutely ages! This creates a really natural shimmer to highlight cheek bones, it’s also really nice to add a fine dusting over arms for an extra bit of sparkle.


Once again MAC is the hero when it comes to long wearing lippy! I use Pro Longwear LipCreme in shade “Overtime” it’s a really nice subtle shade of pink, so great if you aren’t really a lipstick wearer! This can then be spruced up by adding a gloss over the top, if you wanted more of a glossier feel to it.

As I’m sure you have guessed I am a huge MAC fan, however I am not an affiliate for the brand. If you decide to take a look, I know you won’t be disappointed or if you prefer to do your own research, I’m sure you will discover products you love just as much. You can find any of the products I’ve mentioned and discover many more here… ww.maccosmetics.co.ukwww.bareminerals.co.uk

Just by experimenting with different shades, tones and placement of shadows, you can create a beautiful evening look in no time at all. If you would like to know more, then why not head over to my Facebook page, I would love to answer your questions.

Have fun and enjoy!

Love, Nina x