How To Glow With Confidence On Your Wedding Day

Bridal Tanning Tips

I think every Bride deserves to look and feel beautiful on one of the most special days of her life and I genuinely believe that a subtle glow really does complete a bridal look.

For me, the ultimate bridal tan should be flawless, timeless and beautifully enhance their natural skin tone. It’s such a privilege to create a tan like this and whenever I meet a bride I like to gain as much information as possible, in order for me to create the perfect tan for them. With that in mind, here are my top bridal tanning tips for all of you beautiful Brides-to-be…

Your First Tanning Appointment…

On your first tanning appointment, it’s all about the consultation. I love to hear all about your dress, how much of your skin will be on show and your colour scheme. My most popular tan for brides is the Sienna X 6% Touché De Soleil. It gives a gorgeous light, natural glow and works beautifully on pale skin tones.

I do sometimes opt for a slightly darker shade, but this is only usually if the natural skin tone is darker or I’m choosing to accentuate certain areas such as cheekbones or the décolletage.

After this initial appointment, I advise my brides to take a daily selfie in natural daylight to see which day they prefer the colour on. Most of my brides often prefer day two, this then ensures that when it comes to tanning them for the actual wedding day, they feel at their best… Confidence is key.

Your Second Tanning Appointment…

This is where I focus more on the feedback from your initial tanning appointment . Many brides often like to book their Make-Up trials for after this date, this then gives them a really clear idea of how they will look on their big day. A spray tan is the perfect primer for your Make-up to be applied to, and works particularly well for brides who wear minimal make up day-to-day.

Your Final Tanning Appointment…

Your final appointment will take place a day or two before your wedding day. At this point, all of your arrangements will be done, allowing you to enjoy your treatment with a glass of Prosecco.

We will also discuss your honeymoon plans, Brides who are going away straight after their wedding often like to take a Gradual Self Tan to prolong the life of their tan, others who are going away at a later date like to use Radiance Body Balm in order to keep their skin nourished and get the most from their colour.

Which ever shade you choose, I hope you have the most amazing wedding day and create memories you will treasure for years to come.


Nina x

How To Get The Best From Your Spray Tan

How To Get The Best From Your Spray Tan-8

A spray tan can not only enhance how you look, it can also enhance how you feel. It’s no secret that I love the benefits a tan gives, feeling more confident and slimmer to name but a few. But what are the secrets to owning that golden glow for as long as possible, and just how can you get the best from your spray tan?

It all starts with good preparation and by using Polishing Body Scrub, you are creating the perfect base for your professional spray tan or self tan to be applied. The fine pumice helps to gently remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and silky soft.

After your tan has been applied, the next step is to prolong it. Balance Body Wash is ideal for this. It’s pH balanced formula means its gentle enough to use all over the body, including your face. Unlike other shower gels that may encourage your tan to fade, Balance Body Wash is packed full of natural ingredients to help look after your skin, as well as your tan.

Sienna X Aftercare-2

Finally you can protect your gorgeous glow by using Radiance Body Balm. This luxurious moisturiser should be used daily to keep skin nourished and hydrated. If your skin becomes too dry this will cause your tan to fade quicker.

If you want something to top up your tan at home, I personally love Express Tanning Mist. It has a 360º nozzle, which makes it hassle free and really easy to apply. It provides instant colour and develops fully in just 2-4 hours.

By following these steps you can really get the best from your spray tan. If you would like any more information on any of the Sienna X products I have mentioned above, then please feel free to get in touch. You can leave a comment below or come and say hello over on my Facebook page.

In the meantime, enjoy being the most beautiful version of yourself!

Love, Nina x


5 Things I Want You To Know About Spray Tanning…

5-things-i-want-you-to-know-about-spray-tanning-3People often ask me why I love spray tanning so much and my answer is always the same; It’s not just about making you look good, it’s about making you feel good too! Spray tanning is so much more than just a solution being applied to your skin, it’s a mindset game changer! In a survey carried out by Sienna X last year, 90% of women said they felt more confident just by having a spray tan… 90%, that’s amazing don’t you think? So, whether you are completely new to spray tanning or have had a few in the past, here are a few really important things I want you to know…

I’m Not Judging Your Body…

I appreciate the thought of getting semi naked in front of a complete stranger and then being sprayed with a solution that isn’t exactly warm, can fill you with dread. However, hand on heart, I only see a blank canvas that I can paint! It really is as simple as that, please don’t apologise to me for your body, you are beautiful just the way you are!

Tell Me Your Story…

I’m a complete people person, therefore I love to hear about you! When you come to me for a spray tan, I carry out an in-depth consultation because it’s important I get as much information about you as possible. Is your tan for a special occasion? Have you had spray tans previously? Do you use self- tan products at home? How well do you tan naturally? This all helps me to create the perfect tan for you.

Preparation Is Key…

For the best results, there are a few things that you’ll need to do before your spray tan. You will need to wax or shave at least 24 hours before your treatment. If you are choosing to be waxed, please ensure all residue is removed and exfoliated away so it doesn’t block the tan. If you are shaving, then open pores will need time to close, as the guide colour can sit in them. You will also need to exfoliate fully, paying particular attention dryer areas, such as knees, elbows and ankles.

Avoid Moisturiser Before… (No Matter What You May Of Heard)

It’s important to be completely free of moisturiser, make up and deodorant prior to your spray tan. These products can create a barrier on the skin and will affect the tan’s application. I do apply a small amount of barrier cream to elbows, hands, knees and ankles to avoid the tan being to heavily absorbed in these areas, but other than that, be completely au naturel!

I Promise, You Won’t Go Orange…

There is a real misconception around this, there are only two reasons that make a spray tan or a self tan look orange and they are; the tanning solution is to dark for that person’s skin tone and the second is the application of the tan has been applied to heavily. I am proud to work with the market leaders within the tanning industry; Sienna X. Their tanning solutions allow me to choose from five different shades and give my clients a natural, flawless and bespoke tan every time.

If you have any questions, I would love for you to get in touch. You can leave a comment below or pop over to my Facebook page. In the meantime, enjoy being the beautiful you!

Love, Nina x