How A Spray Tan Gave Me Confidence On My Wedding Day…

This month I wanted to share something a little bit different. I had the privilege of spray tanning Jane for her Wedding back in July. When I asked her if I could share her story with you, her response had me in tears. Her story is honest, courageous and inspirational…

What made you try a spray tan for your wedding?

I am naturally quite pale, which normally doesn’t concern me, but there were two main reasons for wanting a spray tan for my wedding. The first reason was that I was worried that my pale complexion would look ‘washed out’ against a long ivory coloured dress. Not only my complexion, but I was also worried that my white décolleté and arms would look rather pasty! The second reason for wanting a spray tan is that I had just finished 1 year’s treatment for breast cancer, which included chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy.  This obviously took its toll on my body, and my family have watched me – amongst other things – lose my hair, lose my breast, become bloated through steroids and develop skin reactions.  Some of our wedding guests hadn’t seen me since the beginning of my treatment, and so for these reasons and to help boost my inner confidence, I wanted to look healthy and radiant on my wedding day! Over the years, I had dabbled with trying various over the counter self-tanning products and they always left me blotchy and with stained clothes, so I knew it had to be my first ever spray tan or nothing for my wedding!

What were your thoughts prior to having your spray tan?

I was quite anxious about it, to be honest. I wanted a subtle colour, not too dark or orange. I didn’t know anyone who had had a spray tan and could recommend someone, so it was only 6 weeks or so before my wedding day and I still hadn’t done anything about it! I think Nina must have been listening, as I saw her Post on Facebook – she was local and I liked the photos showing natural looking tans, so I took the leap and contacted her. She sounded lovely and as a bonus she made home visits, which was perfect compared to having to leave home without make up and running the gauntlet of potentially bumping into someone I knew not fully ‘made up’! I was also reassured by her suggestion that we have a trial run a few weeks before the wedding so that I would know which day the colour suited me most and of course getting used to the new shade!  She also advised about the pre tanning and post tanning routine for me to follow. By the time the trial date arrived, I was both excited and a little nervous. Nina talked me through everything and took her time answering my questions. We decided I should have the lightest shade 6%, of course, I worried about standing in front of her naked (minus a pair of panties) and boob-less! She couldn’t have been kinder with me though and put me totally at ease and ready for my first ever spray tan at 54!

How did you feel after your initial tan fitting?

I felt great! I could see the colour change immediately and couldn’t resist looking in the mirror constantly. Nina explained that some residual colour may come off overnight so suggested laying on a towel. As instructed, I showered in the morning. Nina had given me a little goodie pack which included a gentle body wash and which lasted two showers. She also advised how to keep the tan as long as possible by moisturising regularly. The colour was gorgeous and so natural. No orange in sight!

Jane Wedding Pics-2

Which day did you like the colour the best?

Nina had advised me to take photos each day to help me decide which day I preferred the colour, which was an excellent suggestion. I decided I preferred my colour on Day 3. This was because, as I mentioned earlier, I didn’t want to look obviously tanned on my special day, just ‘glowing’!

How did your tan make you feel on your wedding day?

Having my tan made me feel so happy and confident! It actually exceeded my expectations in every way and when I put my wedding dress I had ‘a moment’ and from then on I couldn’t stop smiling all day. No one realised I had had a spray tan, everyone just said how healthy and radiant I looked.

What advice would you give to other brides who might be thinking of having a spray tan?

I would say go for it! Do your research and think about the kind of look and shade you want to achieve on your special day. Follow Nina’s advice and have a trial spray tan a few weeks before your wedding to give you the time to decide what shade is right for you and which day you prefer your colour. I didn’t give myself enough time, but I would also suggest trying on your wedding dress when you have had your trial spray tan to help decide which day works best for you.

A huge thank you to Jane for allowing me to share her story. If you would like any information about a Bridal Spray Tan, please feel free to get in touch via my Facebook page.

Love, Nina x

How To Glow With Confidence On Your Wedding Day

Bridal Tanning Tips

I think every Bride deserves to look and feel beautiful on one of the most special days of her life and I genuinely believe that a subtle glow really does complete a bridal look.

For me, the ultimate bridal tan should be flawless, timeless and beautifully enhance their natural skin tone. It’s such a privilege to create a tan like this and whenever I meet a bride I like to gain as much information as possible, in order for me to create the perfect tan for them. With that in mind, here are my top bridal tanning tips for all of you beautiful Brides-to-be…

Your First Tanning Appointment…

On your first tanning appointment, it’s all about the consultation. I love to hear all about your dress, how much of your skin will be on show and your colour scheme. My most popular tan for brides is the Sienna X 6% Touché De Soleil. It gives a gorgeous light, natural glow and works beautifully on pale skin tones.

I do sometimes opt for a slightly darker shade, but this is only usually if the natural skin tone is darker or I’m choosing to accentuate certain areas such as cheekbones or the décolletage.

After this initial appointment, I advise my brides to take a daily selfie in natural daylight to see which day they prefer the colour on. Most of my brides often prefer day two, this then ensures that when it comes to tanning them for the actual wedding day, they feel at their best… Confidence is key.

Your Second Tanning Appointment…

This is where I focus more on the feedback from your initial tanning appointment . Many brides often like to book their Make-Up trials for after this date, this then gives them a really clear idea of how they will look on their big day. A spray tan is the perfect primer for your Make-up to be applied to, and works particularly well for brides who wear minimal make up day-to-day.

Your Final Tanning Appointment…

Your final appointment will take place a day or two before your wedding day. At this point, all of your arrangements will be done, allowing you to enjoy your treatment with a glass of Prosecco.

We will also discuss your honeymoon plans, Brides who are going away straight after their wedding often like to take a Gradual Self Tan to prolong the life of their tan, others who are going away at a later date like to use Radiance Body Balm in order to keep their skin nourished and get the most from their colour.

Which ever shade you choose, I hope you have the most amazing wedding day and create memories you will treasure for years to come.


Nina x

September Blog: Bridal Make-Up Tips…

Be Beautiful Hair & Beauty (4)

With weddings happening each and every month, “wedding season” is turning into all year round, with many Brides choosing to get married between October and March, but which ever month you choose, you’ll want your day to be absolutely perfect.

Some have dreamt of this day since they can remember, but with so many decisions to be made from choosing a venue to ordering the perfect dress, it’s sometimes hard to visualise the bigger picture.

With so many different themes now, weddings can be much more individual, really showing the couples personalities.

Aside from choosing the perfect dress, the Bride has to decide on Hair and Make-Up, two of the most important aspects of her day. Here is my guide to choosing the right look for you.


This is so important with anything, but especially with your skin. Ensure you use a good quality cleanser, toner and moisturiser at least two months prior to your big day to ensure that your skin is in prime condition.

Make-Up Artist vs DIY

Many Brides are often surprised at how much make-up artists actually cost, however, find a good one and they are worth their weight in gold! I would always recommend a trial at least eight weeks prior to your Wedding. This will allow you to research different looks and take them along with you. Pinterest can be great for this, in fact anything Wedding related. Doing your make-up yourself can be stressful and the last thing you want for your big day is to be stressed! Make-Up Artists use professional products that are made to last the whole day, therefore you shouldn’t need to re-touch anything other than your lipstick.

Still be you!

The one piece of advice I give all of my Brides, no matter what, you still need to feel like you on your special day. Your hair and make-up should complement you and your personality, ensuring you feel amazing and confident, not self-conscious because it’s to bold.

Themed looks 

Themes can be a great starting point for any hair & make-up looks and then can be built upon.

Vintage: This is beautiful and very classic, simple make-up with stunning red lips work brilliantly for this. An elegant chignon or French pleat to complement this classic look will never go out of fashion.

Country Garden/Boho: If you are looking for something more country garden then pale mochas and soft curls can be a match made in heaven. Gorgeous curls or half up, half down with fresh flowers placed in the hair can look as beautiful as a spring day.

Glamour: This is the perfect look for the smoky eye, dramatic and sexy at its best. There is a lot of freedom with hair also for this look, any up-do looks amazing with this look as well as pinned curls to the side cascading down the left shoulder.

Seaside: This look is becoming more popular with brides and depending on venue can look simply stunning. Hair can be loosely pinned so it gives the impression of done, but not overdone or beautiful beach curls can be created. Dress that would suit this look would be floaty and make-up would reflect holidays, so bronze, latte tones with a hue of gold shimmer.

Make a plan

Take advantage of a consultation with your Hair Stylist and or Make-Up Artist. They are there to help and advise you, knowing what will work for you. Regular hair treatments prior to your wedding day can ensure that it is in the best possible condition. Scheduling colour and haircut appointments is also a really important part to. Collect pictures from Pinterest and wedding magazines, these will help build up a nice collage of things you like and rule out what you don’t.

I’m proud to say that this blog also features on The Great British Wedding website as I was asked to write for them back April. It’s a great website with lots of lovely ideas, so make sure you take a look as it’s packed full of inspiration, tips and advice.

My last bit of advice is, if you feel overwhelmed by all of these decisions there are to make, take 10 minutes out, go for a walk and breathe, It really worked for me when I was planning my wedding.

Feel free to head over to my Facebook page and ask any questions or alternatively leave a comment below.

Love, Nina x