What Will Re-Opening Look Like?

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I hope you and your families are keeping well and staying safe. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to each of you who have sent me the loveliest messages during this lockdown period, it really has meant so much!

Following on from the government’s announcement on 23rd June, I’m delighted to let you know that from the 4th July, I can re-open for hairdressing services.

At the moment, my other services, such as Tanning, Nails and Facial Waxing are still not able to be booked or take place until the government release further guidance and give the go-ahead. I am of course keeping a close eye on this and will let you know of any further changes as soon as they are published.

I cannot wait to see you all, I want to do this in the safest and fairest way possible. This post will detail my plans for re-opening what that will look like.

What Happens Next?…

Over the coming week or so, I will be in touch with each of you to reschedule your hair appointment. Please do bear with me, I will get to you as soon as I can, but I will be making my way through my list in date order from the 23rd March, which was the day lockdown began and all treatments stopped.

I’m hoping this won’t apply as I kindly asked for you not to colour your own hair at home… However if you are a lady who has colour applied directly on to your scalp and you have coloured your hair during this lockdown period, please do let me know when we speak, as before I see you for a colour appointment, you will need to have a skin test. Due to the recommendations from Wella and my insurance company, I would be unable to apply any colour to your scalp until a skin test has been carried out.

When We See Each Other…

As much as I have missed each and everyone of you, for the foreseeable I will aim to keep as much distance during your appointment as physically possible. It is not compulsory at this stage for you to wear a face covering, however should you wish to, please feel free to do so.

I will also be running through a client questionnaire with you on your appointment, which will need to be signed off using your own pen, so please ensure you bring one with you if your appointment is at my home.

I will be carrying antibacterial hand sanitiser, Dettol spray and Barbicide so that I am able to sanitise both myself and equipment when out visiting you in your home. This will include sanitising and disinfecting my footwear before I enter your home.

Appointments throughout the day will need to run slightly differently as I’ll need to have time in between clients to ensure that all equipment is sanitised and disinfected thoroughly. Your co-operation and support on this will be very much needed and appreciated by arriving for any appointment, whether that be at my home or yours, on time. I cannot stress enough how important this will be going forward to ensure that each and everyone of you gets the appointment they so desperately need.

If your appointment is at my home, I would kindly ask you to please bring with you a bottle of water or your own tea or coffee in a travel cup. I will also be doing the same when I come to visit you in your home too.

If you or any member of your household are displaying any symptoms or feeling unwell in any way prior to or after your appointment, it is imperative you let me know as soon as possible.

To Put Your Mind At Rest…

Over the last 3 months, I’ve been doing all I can to increase my already high standard of health, safety and hygiene. I am more than happy to share with you the extra safety precautions and steps I have put in place to keep us both safe. These measures include the recommended PPE, regular hand washing throughout your appointment, sanitation and disinfection of all of my equipment before and after each client, along with double bagging all of my client gowns and towels until they are then washed at 60 degrees at the end of each day.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything at all, please feel free to get in touch.

In the meantime, I hope you and your families remain safe and well and I cannot wait to see you in the coming weeks ahead!

Love, Nina x

Did I Take Life For Granted?

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I guess the answer to the question is yes! But maybe we all did? Seeing my friends and family as and when I wanted. As I sit and write this post, it’s hard to recollect what normal life feels like and I can’t quite believe we’ve been in lockdown since the 23rd March. I’m sure, like many of you, we wouldn’t have ever believed this could or would happen.

Lockdown has definitely taught me that I love routine and more importantly, I need it. The first few weeks I really struggled. I missed working a lot, seeing my clients and generally feeling useful. I guess I no longer felt I had much of a purpose. One of the many things I love about my job is making people feel good, helping them glow with confidence and I think I felt sad that all of that had temporarily been taken away, with no real idea of when it would be coming back.

One of the things that has really helped me is having a good old hinch around the house. For anyone reading this and has no idea what I’m talking about, be sure to check out Mrs Hinch on Instagram. It has certainly helped calm my mind when anxiety creeps in, plus I love cleaning and organising so its a win win because it’s really helped me feel like I’ve achieved something.

No matter who we are, our mental health is fragile and can affect any one of us at anytime. So getting out in the fresh air, taking a walk has been really good. Its also been lovely to walk locally and discover different places that I didn’t even know were on my doorstep.

Self care is so underrated and was clearly not something I used to do enough of. It’s only now, I can see that! Isn’t it funny how life works sometimes? Relaxing with a glass of bubbles, a beautiful Gatcombe Candle and doing a “at home” Sienna X facial has certainly helped calm my thoughts before bed.

With all the madness of practically the whole world going to sleep, it’s certainly made me notice the little things and be grateful for each and every one of them. Spending time at home in the garden, listening to the morning song of the birds and the beautiful sunshine.  It’s almost like mother nature stepped in and insisted we all stopped, learnt to appreciate the little things and gave us beautiful weather to enjoy it all.

I hope you are okay and that brighter days lay ahead for us all.

Love, Nina x

Why Your Self Care Matters Now More Than Ever

Be Beautiful Hair & Beauty

Self care is something we often forget to make a priority at the best of times, but now more than ever I really think it matters. With the recent Coronavirus situation changing many of our lives, I wanted to share some tips with you on how you can incorporate a little self care into your life.

Start Something New…

Do you have a hobby? If not, maybe now is the perfect time to start. What do you like doing? What helps relax your mind and just escape for a while? Up to now, I’d never really had a hobby, I’m a bit of a workaholic, so planning work things, even on my days off didn’t really feel like work because I enjoyed it. But I came to realise, I needed something more; so at I’ve taken this opportunity to try my hand at learning modern calligraphy.

Create an Evening Routine…

First of all, I light my favourite scented candle, this for me is always from the Gatcombe Candle Co. range. These candles are by far, the best I’ve ever had. The stunning scents are out of this world and really help me to relax. I loved them so much, I became a stockist!

Be Beautiful Hair & Beauty

When it comes to my skincare, I’ve been using products that are infused with essential oils such as The Cleansing Balm and The Facial Oil from Sienna X. Not only do these products feel amazing on my skin, they also help to relax my senses too. My final step for my facial is using The Miracle Mask, I  lay on my bed allowing the mask to do its magic, close my eyes and listen to relaxing music while the beautiful scent of Tigerlilly Blossom fills my room.

Calm Your Mind…

If you are like me and struggle to switch off before bed, maybe try an audio book or podcast. There are lots of different categories to choose from, so something for everyone. This just helps to quieten my thoughts and relax, allowing me to get a better nights sleep.

I hope you’ve found this useful, if you have any tips, feel free to share them with me in a comment below. In the meantime, stay safe.


Nina x