August Blog: The Tanning Products You’ll Really Love!

There are many tanning products on the market, but how do we know which ones do what? How do we know if we want a Gel, a Lotion or a Cream? If it all feels a bit confusing, fear not, I am here to help! Having that all important tan doesn’t just make us look good, I think it gives a massive boost of confidence to. With the great British Summer being what it is, we can never be guaranteed of sunshine for long. Therefore, you may be looking to create your own. Whether you have mastered the technique of self-tanning at home or you like to top up your professional spray tan in-between appointments, I’ve got you covered!

The High Intensity One Hour Tan… This is brand new for 2016 and this tan is perfect for those of you who are short of time and don’t want to sit around, waiting for your tan to develop. You can shower after just one hour and watch your tan develop over the next 2-8 hours. Leaving you with a gorgeous light to medium tan, depending on skin tone, results may vary.

Instant Bronzing Gel… If you want an instant glow, then this is the tan for you! The gel blends easily and can be washed off instantly to reveal a flawless, streak free tan. I personally like this one for enhancing or topping up my tan, rather than using it to create my tan.


Gradual Glowing Self Tan… This is perfect for enhancing your tan or creating one. It gradually builds up the colour as desired. If you like your tan a little darker, then this one can be re-applied. It also contains an anti-cellulite formula, which helps to tone and smooth the skin! I really love this product and personally, this is my favourite as you can build up the colour to get your desired result!

Express Tanning Mist… This is a brilliant product for topping up your tan and is a “spray tan in a can”. It provides instant colour when you need it and takes up to 8 hours to fully develop. With a 360° nozzle, it makes it really easy to apply. Simply hold the can 15-20cm away from the body and spray, allow to dry before dressing. This is another real favourite of mine, it’s quick, easy and no mess! This can also be re-applied to create a darker looking result.

Deep Self Tan Lotion… This one has a strong instant guide colour, making it really easy to apply. It develops within 8 hours and once it’s been washed off, you will be left with flawless, deep rich colour. I would recommend this one for darker skin tones or if you like a medium to dark tan.

Q10 Bronzing Mousse… Like many of the products within the range, this one is an award winner! This is a dark tan mousse again with a visible guide colour for easy application. It will begin developing within 2-4 hours and should be rinsed off after 8 hours. As with the Deep Self Tan Lotion, I would recommend this one for darker skin tones that like a richer, deeper looking tan.

Finally, I would always recommend using a good quality tanning mitt when applying any self-tanning product. This helps to create a flawless application and avoid being left with tanned hands. If you would like any additional information about any of the range, or you would like some tips on using them at home, then I would love to hear from you, simply leave me a comment below and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Happy Tanning!


Nina x