Choosing your Spray Tan

Choosing your Spray Tan

Be Beautiful Hair and Beauty are proud to work with the industries leading product suppliers and retail brands to bring you the best there is to offer. Sienna X provide tanning solutions to suit every skin tone, so whether you are a first timer or fancy trying a new shade, here is my guide to choosing the right solution for you.

The lightest tanning solution available is the 6% Touche De Soleil. This is for very fair skin tones and is great for first time clients. It’s the perfect colour for anytime of year, especially those winter months, when we all miss that healthy glow. The 6% is also a popular choice for my Prom and Bridal work.

The 8% solution creates a slightly darker result than the 6% and is also suitable for sensitive skin. This can also make a great choice for first time clients who want to be a little more noticeable but still naturally understated.

Medium skin tones often work really well with 10% solution. This gives a more caramel/biscuit tone to the skin and works very well for those clients who have more of a base tan already, so if your holiday tan is fading, this one is a great choice.

The next step is a 12% which creates a richer colour. This is more aimed at naturally darker skin tones and looks great on Olive, Black and Asian complexions.

The last one in the collection is the 16% and is the darkest tan offered by Sienna X. This is formulated to create a deep, rich tan and again suits skin with a naturally darker base.

There are also two fast acting tans within the range; H.I.T (High Intensity Tan) which can be rinsed off after just 1 hour, it will then develop over the next 2-4 hours. This is perfect for clients who don’t want to sleep overnight in their tan or wait for the usual development time of 8-10 hours.

The other is Tonight’s the Night and this has been formulated to develop between 2-4 hours. For fair to medium skin tones, rinse after 2 hours, and for medium to darker skin tones, you can rinse after 4 hours. Both of the fast acting solutions will give you the same signature Sienna X colour and longevity. With both of the fast acting solutions, if you are a lighter skin tone, you would be left with the result of an 8% and if you have a darker skin tone, you would be left with a result of a 10%.

Picture Credit: Sienna X