May Blog: How much is your tan costing you?

How much is your tan costing you

We all know the risks of sunbeds and baking ourselves on the beach to get the “ultimate tan” so what is it about a tan that makes some of us risk the health of our skin to get one?

I recently carried out some research on a group of women asking them how a tan makes them feel? The results weren’t a surprise, with at least 95% of them saying they felt healthier, sexier, happier and slimmer to name just a few.

With the “feel good factor” reaching so highly, does it really matter what price this comes at?

I recently interviewed Kate De’Ath, a fellow Spray Tan Therapist. Kate knows all too well the damage that sun exposure can cause.

Nina: Thank you for sharing your story with me Kate, can you explain what happened?

Kate:  I was eighteen at the time and I had gone on my first girlie holiday to Ibiza. On my return I noticed the small mole on my leg, probably measuring about 3mm had changed to a pinkie colour, so I went to the Doctors to get it checked out.

Nina: What happened after that?

Kate: I was at work one day and got a call from the hospital, asking me to go immediately. I called my parents and they came to collect me, I felt so scared and I remember my Mum was in pieces. We arrived at the hospital and I was informed I had Skin Cancer. I couldn’t believe it! The hospital acted really quickly though and within the week they had removed the skin on my leg that was affected.

Nina: I can’t begin to imagine how scared you must of been at that time, bearing in mind, you were only eighteen?

Kate: I was lucky really; I spotted the change in my mole and acted on it. I cannot stress the importance of this enough. However not all melanomas are like the awful pictures we see in the media. Mine, to anyone else probably wouldn’t have been detected; it was only because I knew my body and knew my mole looked different. Sadly I think our moles and freckles get forgotten about and overlooked.

Nina: So how are you now?

Kate: I’m fully recovered and luckily just escaped the need for chemotherapy. I went back for regular checks over a three year period until I was given the all clear.

Nina: So after your experience, what would be your advice to others?

Kate: I would say it’s about knowing your body, if something doesn’t look right, go and get it checked, don’t put it off. Skin Cancer can kill and since I qualified as a Spray Tan Therapist in 2013, I have raised awareness with my clients about Skin Cancer and advised them to go to the doctors about their moles to.

Nina: So do you sun bathe now Kate?

Kate: No and If I did I would be using SPF 50. I do wear SPF on my face every day but other than that it’s fake tan for me and my husband from now on!


Kate’s story really inspired me, not just to write this blog but to help raise awareness. I did a campaign with Sienna X last year called “Save our Skin” which highlighted the risks that many of us often ignore. A Spray Tan can bring you all the feelings you get from a gorgeous tan; bringing you beautiful looking skin enabling you to feel healthier, slimmer, more toned and give you more confidence. The thing that a Spray Tan can’t give you is premature ageing, damage to your skin or Skin Cancer.

If you are concerned about any moles, or you notice in difference in their size or colour, then please go and see your GP and get them checked. In many cases these are non-malignant and benign, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Nina x

April Blog: Put a spring in your step


Spring has arrived; the clocks have gone forward giving us longer days and the lighter evenings.

I don’t know about you but I really like springtime, I feel really inspired around this time of year, it’s a great opportunity for change and to de-clutter, making way for more inspiration and focus.

Since returning from my honeymoon back in February, I have been working extremely hard on my beautiful little business and really enjoying doing so. I have been putting steps in place behind the scenes to help me streamline everything that goes into the day to day running of Be Beautiful Hair & Beauty and am really seeing the benefits of this. It’s making me feel what I like to call “less cloudy”.

So for me, I’m going to make AMAZING April full of getting things done! I have recently re-decorated my office space at home, and WOW what a difference! A fresh lick of paint and some pretty new stationary (I love stationary!) and it feels so much fresher in there, and this may sound odd, but I feel more focused and productive! It’s my little business hub, so when I’m not working with clients, I’m in there creating all of my other things such as this blog…x

Be Beautiful

So now it’s over to you! What will you achieve in AMAZING April? What will really put a spring back in your step? Maybe it’s something you have been putting off or procrastinating about, Is it work related or is it something in your personal life? Is it a job that you just can’t bring yourself to start? Whatever it is, I would love to hear from you so please feel free to leave me a comment below…Remember make it happen and make your April AMAZING!


Nina x

March Blog: The day I danced with dolphins


For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to swim with Dolphins and this year on the 2nd February, whilst on honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, my dream came true!

The most beautiful place I have ever seen, the Dominican Republic has many hidden treasures and today was no exception. We travelled to the beach by coach and were being led through via a jetty to the middle of the Caribbean Ocean where these amazing creatures call home. Such a vast space with the most beautiful animals to greet us, Dolly and Doris.

As we gingerly stepped into the cold water, we began to interact with them straight away. We spent about 45 minutes with them and I was absolutely amazed at how these animals powered through the water with such strength, but such grace and elegance at the same time.


They would swim through the water, placing their noses under our feet, powering us up into the air, I felt like Superwoman! We got to swim holding on to their dorsal fins but as a final gift from these beautiful creatures, we got to dance with them and were given a kiss on the cheek.

What a magical experience this had been and it really got me thinking. It doesn’t matter how long something takes to achieve, the day it happens will be one you will never forget and this was definitely one of those days.

Life is too short to have regrets, if there is something you want to achieve, go for it!

I had wanted to do this for years and to have finally done it was the best feeling.  To have ticked this off of my “bucket list” was so special and a day that I will truly treasure forever.

Love Nina x