August Blog: Body Beautiful

Body Confidence

Every week, whilst spray tanning, I meet many lovely ladies and 90% of them always start off saying the exact same word. The word I hear most often when stepping into my spray tan tent is… Sorry!

“Sorry for my cellulite”, “Sorry for my fat”, “Sorry for wobbly bits” and the list goes on, but I always say to them what I’m saying to you, I don’t see what you see. I know that it’s the least favourite part of the treatment, getting half naked in front of a stranger, making you feel extremely vulnerable and exposed… I know this because I have done this many times too.

But what absolutely makes my day every time is to see the difference on my clients face afterwards. When they step out of my spray tan tent, naturally and beautifully bronzed, their reaction is priceless!

Whenever I am tanning, I always say to my clients, wear whatever you are comfortable in. If you want to wear a bikini or swimsuit, that’s fine. If you want to be topless, that’s fine too, it’s about making you feel comfortable and at ease.

I will always remember a lady, who physically shook with fear at the thought of being naked. As we chatted, she mentioned to me she felt so insecure about her body, that she wouldn’t even get undressed in front of her husband. It made me realise that this was such a big step for her and I could tell that her confidence was at rock bottom. However, it meant a lot that she trusted me enough to let me show her that she would look and most importantly, feel absolutely AMAZING!

Anyway, we completed her tan and WOW, the difference in that lady, was incredible. Her husband came home from work, she walked up to him and said “look at me, I feel amazing!”  I honestly believe that a spray tan does so much more than just give you a natural glow, I think it’s also got a large helping of confidence within it too!

So ladies, if this is resonating with you, I am here to tell you, you are not alone! We all have “bits” about us we don’t like, but like many of us, this lady felt the fear and did it anyway! (Amazing book by Susan Jeffers by the way, which is well worth a read!) From time to time, we all see pictures in magazines and the media, and think we should all be like that but what many of us forget is, celebrities have lots of money to have liposuction or tummy tucks and many of the pictures are often airbrushed!

What I’m trying to say, is love you for you! You are unique and that’s special! We have one body and we need to love the skin we are in. Of course, we do all we can to  look after it and eat well, but we also need to enjoy life as its often way to short. Don’t apologise to me for your body, you are beautiful just the way you are!

Girl making love heart in the sun

If you want a confidence boost or to find out nine other benefits of having a spray tan, then why not check out my 10 Benefits of a Spray Tan page!

Remember, be kind to yourself and love you for you!

Love Nina x

July Blog: 7 Ways to Stay Safe in the Sun…


We know how good the sun makes us feel, brighter,happier and generally healthier. However we need to make sure we look after ourselves whilst we are in it. Here are my 7 ways you can stay safe in the sun.

Use the right Sunscreen

For the ultimate coverage, look for SPF25 and upwards. This will protect your skin against UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays are those that penetrate the deeper layer of the skin which leads to premature ageing and suppression of the immune system. UVB Rays cause the superficial layers of the skin to become red and sunburnt.

Cover Up

I’m not suggesting for a second that you want to cover yourself from head to toe, however loose clothing and a hat will work wonders for giving you a break from the midday sun. There are some beautiful sarongs and hats at Next and other high street stores.

Take time out

Taking time out of the sun will be something your skin will thank you for. The hottest hours of the sun can vary from country to country so always pay attention to your shadow. If your shadow is shorter than you are, then it’s time to take a rest from the sun.

Be comfortable in your own skin

If your skin feels like it’s starting to burn, then head for some shade and re-apply your sunscreen. It’s recommended that sunscreen should be applied at least half an hour before exposing your skin to sun and if you are covering your whole body, the equivalent of  two tablespoonfuls should be applied.

Love your skin

Always apply enough sunscreen and be over generous, re-applying at regular points throughout the day.

Keep your little ones safe

Babies and young children have very fragile and delicate skin which can burn really easily. Studies have shown that sunburn in younger years can increase the risk of skin cancer in later years, so  by teaching them to apply sunscreen and wearing a hat when they are young, can reduce risks when they are older.

Be Safe and go faux

We all know that tanned skin makes us look great and feel amazing, but you can avoid all the damage that can be caused by the sun and treat you and your skin to a spray tan. You’ll avoid all the peeling, looking like a lobster and the pain that can be caused by over exposure to the sun. A spray tan gives you the gorgeous glow we all love but without those added extras of premature ageing and skin cancer.

Girl wearing sun hat

So wherever you are heading off this year on your holidays, be safe in the sun.


Nina x

June Blog: 6 Tips to beautiful hair this summer

6 Tips

Summer has finally arrived, Holidays are booked and relaxation is on the way! We all know how important it is to protect our skin from the sun whilst on holiday, but what about our hair? Here are my six tips you can use to keep your hair beautiful this summer.

Protection is key… Protect your hair with a Wella Sun Protection Spray before going out in the sun. This will help protect against UV rays and will keep hair hydrated. You would put sunscreen on your skin, so do the same for your hair to.

Get it covered… Wearing a hat in the sun or at least wearing hair up (especially if you have coloured hair) will help protect your hair and scalp against burning. There are some beautiful sun hats available from Next and other high street stores that not only do the job, but look gorgeous too.


Rinse with fresh water… After a dip in the pool or sea, always rinse your hair with clean, fresh water. This will help remove chlorine and salt that can cause hair to dry out. Afterwards re-apply your sun protection spray to help comb through.

Cleanse away the day… Wash your hair with Wella Sun Hair & Body Shampoo, this will help restore lost moisture as well as remove residue from sunscreen, salt and chlorine. It’s also a great space saver product as there’s no need to take a separate shower gel.

Hydrate and nourish… Wella Sun Express Conditioner is great product as it instantly helps to nourish and repair hair after a sun drenched day.

Show some Love… Gently towel dry hair without rubbing to vigorously, this will avoid damaging the cuticle which is the part of our hair that reflects light and makes us shine.

By following these tips, you are doing all you can to keep your hair & scalp healthy this summer. If you would like any information on the products I have mentioned above or any other advice, please feel free to contact me via the Be Beautiful Hair & Beauty Facebook page.

Love Nina x