February Blog: More than just a spray tan


Welcome to “More than just a Spray Tan” I figured as January always feels like such a long month, I would brighten us all up to start February and share some of my tanning tips with you.

Spray Tanning is becoming ever more popular and with 90% of women saying that a tan makes them feel more confident, it’s not hard to understand why! We all have areas of our bodies that we don’t like and in the past I think the media has often helped contribute to this by putting in our minds that we should be a certain way.
I meet many ladies who feel self-conscious when stepping into my spray tanning cubicle, but what always makes my day is seeing their face light up after their treatment. Not only have they been beautifully bronzed, they feel amazing. They have this new air of confidence about them… and be under no illusion, this is becoming ever more popular with my male clients also for the same reasons and who would of thought just from a Spray Tan?

Be beaut

With Sienna X, you can kiss goodbye to orange and say hello to a natural looking tan that will suit your skin tone. By giving up just 45 minutes of your time for a professional Spray Tan, you can expect to enjoy the effects for at least 5-10 days*, (*Aftercare is paramount for keeping your beautiful tan looking its best for up to 10 days)

The Sienna X solutions will also hydrate and nourish the skin, helping to create a healthy glow that will highlight the natural contours of your face and body.
So here are my top tips on the best way to protect and prolong your Spray Tan…

  • Preparation is key! Exfoliate with Polishing Body Scrub to remove all the dead skin cells before your Spray Tan is applied. This then creates an even base that will allow your Spray Tan to look better for longer.
    On the day of your treatment make sure that you take some loose fitting clothing along with you to wear after your tan. Tight clothes that have straps will mark your skin and remove some of the tanning solution, resulting in an uneven and patchy-looking finish.
  • Avoid swimming and taking long showers and baths as this can extract moisture from your skin and shorten the life of your spray tan. Chemicals that are found in swimming pools, and shower gels can often strip your colour off prematurely, so why not swap your shower gel for Balance Body Wash increase your tans longevity?
  • Moisturise your entire body with Radiance Body Balm as often as you can to prolong the life of your tan. Spray Tans darken the uppermost layer of the skin, known as the epidermis – the skin cells on this layer flake off slowly to reveal the paler skin beneath as part of the body’s natural regeneration process. Moisturising your skin daily you can slow this process down and prevent your sun-kissed colour from fading away too soon.
  • Hydrating your skin regularly will also ensure that your tan fades off gently and evenly, rather than in patches.

If you would like to know more about Spray Tanning or any of the Sienna X retail range, please feel free to leave a comment below or head over to my Facebook page.

Love Nina x

Picture Credits – Sienna X

January Blog: Happy New Year

Let’s Make 2015 a Great One.

new year
Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and enjoyed your New Year celebrations!
Welcome to my first ever blog! I’m very excited to share this with you all and I plan to share lots more things over the coming months.

However for my first one I wanted to ask a question, do you make New Year’s resolutions? If you do, do you stick to them? In past years, I have made some and then a few weeks into January they began to fizzle out! However this year I thought I would make some for my business.

I also think that before we can make New Year’s resolutions, it’s also really important to look back at the previous year and take a bit of time out to reflect… I think as time passes, it’s so easy to get swept along with all we have been through in a year, whether it’s been full of highs or lows, I think it’s often to easy to forget just how far we have come and all that has been achieved! What did your 2014 look like? Why not drop me a comment below?

My 2014 was a great year, on a personal level, I got married! I loved planning our special day and even though at times, running Be Beautiful Hair & Beauty along with organising a wedding was a little stressful, I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute of it!

Mark and I
Mark and I on our Wedding Day in October 2014…x
On a business level, I gained new skills as well as refreshing my current ones. I started to write a quarterly newsletter for Be Beautiful Hair & Beauty. I attracted new clients and more followers to my social media platforms and I continued to fall in love with my job every day! So all in all, I look back at 2014 with a real sense of pride!

So with 2015 now upon us, what are you hoping it will bring for you? One of my resolutions is to grow my beautiful little business. I want to spend at least half a day a week concentrating on making it bigger and better for the year ahead. I have so many ideas that I want to action in 2015 and now that I am no longer planning our wedding, now is the time to do it. I want to look at more courses; I want to attend workshops, seminars and shows. I want to look at new product ranges and much more. I also want to share a lot more with you via these blogs.
I would love to hear from you too, so please feel free to get involved and leave a comment below. Why not also come and say hello on my Facebook or Twitter page? I would love you to come and join me!
Hope your 2015 brings you all you wish for and more!
Love Nina x